As a renowned world-class clothing retail shop, My Image Secrets seeks to offer real-time protection of our customer’s information. This means that we communicate our utmost love for you as our customer by ensuring that every information that you submit to our website most specifically personal information is protected. Through our privacy policy document, we wish to explain what information does the company collect, how the company utilizes the information, to whom the collected information is disclosed, and how the information is protected. Unless stated otherwise, the policy document will apply to the collection of individual information in our website. By using services that we provide through the website, you agree to abide by our privacy policy.


By utilizing our website, you provide personal information. Examples of personal information that our company collects consist of names, phone number, physical address, order processing information, demographic information and any other information that would be relevant in serving you better.

The above-mentioned pieces of information are collected and used for specific purposes such as:

Processing online orders;

Opening a personal account through our website;

Personalizing your online experience in our website based on your interests;

Providing relevant customer service through order follow up or related requests;

Enabling our customers to post content in form of comments, images or videos;

Social media engagement such as when tagging #sharethesecret or #myimagesecretbabe;

Improving website experience;

Sending specific emails such as subscription emails;

NOTE: We are keen in evaluating and selecting third-party service providers who help us provide additional features as far as our services are concerned. Kindly review our privacy policy from time to time as we might update it without notice.


My Image Secrets is conscious of the set of security measures that the company implements in a bid to store and secure personal information. This means that the company secures personal information behind sophisticated networks. Furthermore, the information is only accessible to limited individuals with special access rights to our systems. These group of individuals are expected to keep the information confidential. Any information submitted by the customer whether for identification or order processing purposes is handled and protected via a secure server. Sensitive information such as credit card information is handled via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Technology and encrypted in our databases.