My Image My Everything

I look back at myself three years ago and can’t help but notice how hard I had made my life look. I used to wonder how comes my friends were always confident, happy and unafraid to meet new people all the time? This feeling took toll of me for a considerable period until I discovered The Secret. Do you want me to share with you the secret?

The Secret

It all began when I joined college. Since my childhood, my parents have always emphasized that “My Image is My Everything.” However, they somehow failed to explain from an expansive dimension the impact of personal image and how I can be at a better position of improving my image and stand out to be the person who I was meant to be. What was this secret?

Here is the Secret

Despite the fact that I was kind and friendly, the way I looked from the outside…my demeanor left a lot to be doubted.  I embarked on a journey to salvage myself from my predicaments. I sought the services of a renowned image consultant and even did some research on different ways of improving a personal image. No sooner had I known this Secret that I began realizing my potential at levels that I could never have imagined.

The Secret is…

The Secret was simple! My outward look in terms of look in terms of clothing as well as fashion accessories that I used at that time was the problem….I was to change my entire closet!! At first, I was hesitant as far as the issue is concerned, but after some time I realized the immense benefits that the secret has brought in my life. I have interacted and networked with different high profile people, I engaged in public speaking, being a part-time sales and networking agent, I have confidently closed many deals. Thanks to the Image Secret. 

Even though other people may argue that personal image is radiated from the inside, I wish to approve that your personal image comes from what people see from the outside. In fact, outside image represents your first impression, demeanor and generally how acquaintances and other people who have less information about you might perceive you.

It for the aforementioned reason that My Image Secrets Was founded. I would like to help other people discover the potential they have by redefining their image. Indeed, My Image My Everything.