My Image My Everything Vanessa’s Story

My Image My Everything Vanessa’s Story

Sometimes back we stopped publishing stories of other women that relate to their confidence, demeanor and generally their Image. The decision was reached after one of our followers requested us to pull down her story based on her own personal reasons. Since we grant all those who provide stories full control of their content, we had to pull the article and even the entire segment and try to find out if there was something wrong. Fortunately, we did not find anything wrong.

Long story short!!! This week we managed to receive a story of one of our followers and clients that she would like to share… [NOTE: The Story has been copied and pasted. We only withheld the name]

Hello Catherine,

I am Vanessa [not the real; name withheld]. Thank you for your initiative that you’re trying to achieve through my image secrets. I wish to acknowledge that I can relate to your message and have decided to share my story. I don’t know who the message will help or impact but what am sure of that by sharing my story I will be helping not only me but others who have undergone such a predicament.

I have always struggled to be approved especially from the way that I dress. This situation has always affected me basing on the fact that during my childhood most of my friends used to say that I have some characteristics of a boy. To a larger extent, most times I have contemplated a botched surgery that will change my look and add me more features such as the breasts which were relatively smaller when I compared them with what my friends had.

I am from a family where most of the time I stay with my mum since my father is a long-distance truck driver who most of the time, he is not at home. Even though I have a close relationship with my mother, I have ever opened up on my thoughts regarding my looks. Fortunately, when I joined campus, I found someone special who is now my boyfriend and that when everything changed…

[the next episode will be published next week, let me know what’s your thoughts regarding the story and comment it there is anything you would like us to cover regarding ‘Image Secrets’]

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